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Pauline Suett Barbieri
The Shirley Valentine Syndrome (Autumn 2008)

ISBN 978-1-90731-36-0-8

Pauline Suett Barbieri was born in Liverpool. She worked for a Shipping Company for four years, situated at 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool, where she enjoyed listening to the The Beatles who played in the rented cellar The Cavern. (A memoir of this time won a prize at the Lewes Live Literature Festival in 2003 and was performed during the event).

She has travelled to various countries including Russia, India, China, Australia, Thailand, Greece and Turkey with extended working stays in the USA and Holland. Returning to the UK from Europe, there was a shortage of jobs in the North of England and she found herself seeking work in another foreign country, the South, where she worked as an Executive Officer for the NHS. Later she branched out into teaching Liverpudlianas a Foreign Language.

Barbieri has also written a comedy play, Einstein’s Women. Her poems have won many prizes.


Direct and engaging, boldly sensuous, Pauline Suett Barbieri’s work leaps off the page and resonates in the imagination
Catherine Smith

‘Night Shift’ – Perfect! In someone else’s hands it would have been just dull description. This is Poetry! Ian Robinson, Oasis

A diligent poet of character and occasion, Pauline Suett Barbieri looks in unusual places and ways, and returns with something special. She is always worth reading and rarely predictable. This, her first collection, is long overdue
David Caddy, Tears in the Fence

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