Waterloo Press

Lee Wilson
Waterloo Samplers No. 11

ISBN 1-902731-26-3

Born 1971, Lee Wilson realised in his mid-twenties that he would never make it as a cult musician.

He returned to further and higher education as a mature student, tutored most recently by Alan Brownjohn. His poetry has appeared in The Reater, The Rialto, Smiths Knoll and the Medway Scene (Urban Fox Press, 2003). He lives in Kent.

Lee Wilson's unsettling lucidity has already become familiar to readers of Smiths Knoll and The Rialto. His poetry, like Cavafy's, tilts at an odd angle to the universe, full of strange but always illuminating resolutions which lurch to the left.

Wilson is both astonishingly candid and somehow as withdrawn as Puck; always generous and extraordinary in his observations of others. He is rather merciless about himself.

His poetic language is vivid, unsettling rich and helps to create one of the most original voices to have emerged in recent years.

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