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Norman Buller
Review of Fools & Mirrors - Acumen, issue 67, May 2010 by William Oxley

Review of Sleeping with Icons - ENVOI issue 152 February 2009 by Will Daunt

Review of Sleeping with Icons - in Poetry Salzburg Review No. 13 Spring 2008 by Jeremy Hilton

Article: 'Agenda': the long and the short of excellence in poetry - in the Independent with a reference to Norman Buller as a well-known voice, April 25th 2008

Review of Travelling Light: Waterloo Sampler No. 12  - in The Comstock Review (updated 10/2009) by Jennifer MacPherson

Bernadette Cremin

Review of Bernadette Cremin's performance Alter Egos by Colin Hambrook - Disability Arts Online 3rd May 2010

Naomi Foyle

Review of The World Cup by David Isaac - The PBS Bulletin, Issue 225, Summer10

Maria Jastrzębska
Review of Everyday Angels by Colin Herd  - CHROMA, 27th March 2010

Simon Jenner

Review of About Bloody Time - in Stride Magazine 2009 by Steve Spence

Norman Jope
The European flaneur parexcellence - Stride Review of The Book of Bells and Candles
by Steve Spence, 2009

Eeva-Liisa Manner

Return to the Light: Bright Dusky Bright by Eeva Liisa Manner (Translated by Emily Jeremiah) - The Fiend Journal review by Paul Stubbs, October 2010

Niall McDevitt
The Metaphysical Squinting of the Psyche of London; Five Journal Entries in Lieu of a Review of Niall McDevitt’s b/w - The Fiend Journal review by Andrew O'Donnell, October 2010

Phillips on McDevitt - review of b/w by Tom Phillips for Todd Swift's Eyewear, September 2010

Alan Morrison

Wanting to Make Common Cause - Stride  Review of Alan Morrison's book A Tapestry of Absent Sitters
by Steve Spence, 2009

Imagery and Meaning - Morning Star Review of Alan Morriosn's book A Tapestry of Absent Sitters, 2009

Review of Alan Morrison's A Tapestry of Absent Sitters - by Frances Thompson, The Journal ('of contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry')

John O'Donoghue
John O'Donghue is interviewed by Helen J Beale - Fourth item from the top, February 2010

Jeremy Reed
In Control - Stride Review of West End Survival Kit by Steve Spence, 2009

Philip Ruthen

Eyewear review of Jetty View Holding by by Liz Almond, 24th April 2010

Peter Street

Peter Street: Thumbing from Pakrac to Lipik - New and selected poems
by Matt Simpson, dao (Disability Arts Online)

Peter Street by Colin hambrook, dao

Dan Wyke
Review: Waiting for the Sky to Fall by Dan Wyke - Rogue Strands, 10th July 2010 by Matthew Stewart

Ken Head reviews 'Waiting for the Sky to Fall' by Dan Wyke - Ink Sweat & Tears 7th September 2010


Other essays and reviews 

Mario Petrucci: A Retrospective by Simon Jenner

Moniza Alvi by Dave Russell

The poverty of silence: Vilhelm Hammershoi at the Royal Academy by Paul Murphy


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