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Norman Buller
Buller has been writing and publishing poetry since the late Fifties and has the unusual distinction of having had an influence on the early poetry of Thom Gunn. Buller appeared at the Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2008.
Nick Burbridge
As a writer of prose and poetry, Nick Burbridge has continually concerned himself with life at the margins, offering a provocative blend of black humour and compassion.

Bernadette Cremin
Miming Silence is Cremin's third poetry collection, and second to come out from Waterloo Press, following the success of Speechless (2007), a poem from which, ‘Nadia’, was Highly Commended in the 2009 Forward Poetry Prize.
Bernadette Cremin: Miming Silence 
Andrew Duncan
A British poet, critic and editor. Duncan has been publishing poetry since the late Seventies.
The editor of the magazine Angel Exhaust.

Naomi Foyle
New Waterloo pamphlet available now: Grace of the Gamblers — A Chantilly Chantey. Foyle brought both literary and performance skills to her debut collection The Night Pavilion — a scintillating cabaret of ballads, riddling lyric verse, and erotic prose-poetry, and an Autumn 2008 Poetry Book Society Recommendation.

Naomi Foyle: Grace of the Gamlers, A Chantilly Chantey 
John Goodby
Goodby has won major prizes including the Arvon/Observer competition of 1989/90 and 1st prize in the Cardiff International Poetry Competition in 2006 with his poem ‘The Uncles’.
Goodby's second Waterloo volume is planned for autumn 2010, a translation of selected poems by Pierre Reverdy.
Joseph Macleod (1903-1984)
A British poet, actor, playwright, theatre director, theatre historian and BBC Newsreader. 
Cyclic Serial Zeniths from the Flux is a substantial selection made by Andrew Duncan who, in a superb essay-length introduction to Macleod, places him in that curious intersection between his poetic genius and his context. This publication was the focus of a retrospective feature on the poetry of Joseph Macleod, 'To a group of nurses' by James Fountain in the February 12th 2010 issue of the Times Literary Supplement.
Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Macleod
Alan Morrison
Morrison's work is highly critically acclaimed and might be described in various axioms: 'social poetry', 'confessional poetry' and 'new Emotionalism'. Morrison is the editor of the radical poetry site the Recusant
Jeremy Reed
Over four decades Reed has been one of Britain's most prolific, imaginative and futuristic of poets. His poem 'Blake' was selected for the 2010 PBS Anthology. ‘British poetry’s glam, spangly, shape-shifting answer to David Bowie’
(the Independent).
Peter Street
Thumbing from Lipik to Pakrac collects together selections from two previous volumes and commissions, along with some newer material. ITV made a twelve minute Remembrance Sunday Special about his time as a poet in 1993 during the Bosnian/Croat conflict and his poems have also been broadcast on the BBC World Service.
Peter Street: Thumbing from Lipik to Pakrac, New and Selected Poems
Sophia Wellbeloved
Wellbeloved's academic interest in western esotericism led her to explore Gurdjieff’s writing at King’s College, London. Wellbeloved is director of Lighthouse Editions, a small independent publishing company, and director of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Western Esotericism. She lives in Cambridge, UK.

Lee Wilson
Lee Wilson's poetry, like Cavafy's, tilts at an odd angle to the universe, full of strange but always illuminating resolutions which lurch to the left (Simon Jenner).

Alf Wiltshire
Wiltshire's was one of the first volumes to appear under the Waterloo imprint. A quirky debut of aphorismic poems that echo the surrealist riddling of poets such as Edward Lear.


Events' Bodies & Venues


Iambic Arts Theatre
The theatre is featuring an extensive list of Waterloo events during the spring of 2010. It's located on Gardner Street above the shop Bells & Candles.

Brighton Poetry & Spoken Word
Normally once monthly poetry and spoken word events with a great mix of wellknown and up and coming poets at the Red Roaster Coffee House at the bottom of St James Street.


The Poetry Café
The Poetry Café serves as a vegetarian lunch restaurant daytime and holds poetry events in the evenings. It is hidden away half way down a side street in Covent Garden. 



Associated Poetry Outlets

Journals & Blogs

Angel Exhaust
'This is basically a site about modern British poetry, and contains information to help readers. I believe that the mainstream of poetry, with a few exceptions, is rubbish, and that 2-3% of small press publications are of interest. The site reflects these beliefs.' Andrew Duncan, editor.

The Bow-Wow Shop
'Yes, poetry's in crisis! Hang on a moment though. Was there ever a moment when poetry was not in crisis? When poets didn't feel horribly neglected and hard done by? When Browning was not being called an obscurantist? When John Clare was not being bawled at by his London publisher for using words that were incomprehensible to those who lived twenty-five kilometres beyond his garden gate? When the vulgar money men were not mashing the faces of the hypersensitive wordsmith with their seven-league boots? Thank goodness we've got all that off our chests! Now we can go back to living the lives of grudging, suspicious, poetical recluses, those unmined rough diamonds buried in the black slopes...' www.bowwowshop.org.uk

Eyewear blogspot
Todd Swift's lively, stylish and transatlantic poetry blog

The London Magazine
The UK's oldest and most celebrated arts and literary publication.

The Penniless Press
'A quarterly for the poor pocket and rich mind.' Edited by Alan Dent. Poetry and polemic of the critical Left.

the Recusant
Alternative poetry, prose, polemic. Contributors from all continents and shortly reaching 250.000 visitors. Editor and founder: Waterloo poet Alan Morrison.
Waterloo poets featured: Bernadette Cremin, Michael Fenton, Naomi Foyle, Martin Jack, Simon Jenner, Norman Jope, John McKeown, Alan Morrison, John O'Donoghue, Philip Ruthen and Peter Street.

Stride Magazine
'A gathering of new poetry, prose poems, articles and reviews of an avant-garde persuasion. Editor: Rupert Loydell.
Reviews of Waterloo poets Simon Jenner, Norman Jope, John McKeown, Alan Morrison, David Pollard, Jeremy Reed, Peter Street and Sophia Wellbeloved


Creative Future
'Creative Future is a registered charity, bridging the gap between the community arts and the professional arts sectors in the South East. We provide talented marginalised* artists and writers opportunities to earn income from their creative work. We give those excluded by society the chance to reintegrate through their own talents by providing training, support, exhibiting and publishing opportunities, selling & promoting their work at the highest levels.' Director: Dominique De-Light
Waterloo poet Alan Morrison is one of the commissioned poet-mentors for their community mentoring scheme.

Surviviors' Poetry
Survivors' Poetry is a London-based National arts charity that works to support, promote and publish the poetry of people who have been through, or are currently in, the UK’s mental health system.


Enitharmon Press
Waterloo author jeremy Reed has been published nine times with this long established literary press.

Five Leaves Publications
'Five Leaves is a small publisher based in Nottingham, publishing 15 or so books a year. Our roots are radical and literary. These days our main areas of interest are fiction and poetry, social history, Jewish secular culture, with side orders of Romani, young adult, Catalan and crime fiction titles.'
Five Leaves just published (February 2010)
a major anthology, The Night Shift, featuring a poem by Waterloo poet Alan Morrison.

Hearing Eye
Hearing Eye is an independent poetry press based in Kentish Town, London. They have published over 150 books since their first publication. Hearing Eye is a member of Inpress.

Their titles include Jeremy Reed's pamphlet Turkish Delight.

Perdika Press
'Perdika Editions present original and translated works by contemporary poets. The distinctiveness of each collection is complemented by a common commitment to scrupulous innovation, a refashioning of language of and for its time.'
Perdika has just published Waterloo poet and chief editor Simon Jenner's pamphlet PESSOA

pighog Press
'Small press. Big impact. Poetry, fiction & documentary writing.'
Their titles include Waterloo poet John O'Donoghue's pamphlet The Beach Generation

Salmon Poetry
Salmon Poetry is one of Ireland's leading imprints, taking its name from the Salmon of Knowledge in Celtic mythology. They have produced over 200 volumes of poetry. 
They are publishing a forthcoming collection by Waterloo poet John McKeown.

Sixties Press
Barry Tebb's radical campaigning press which publishes poetry, literary and mental health polemic.
Has previously featured poetry by Waterloo poets Simon Jenner and Jeremy Reed; also publishers of Alan Morrison's earliest pamphlet collection Clocking-in for the Witching Hour and Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever

Shearsman Books
Shearsman Books was founded shortly after Shearsman magazine in 1982, in order to offer collections to authors involved with the magazine. The press geared up substantially with a shift to print-on-demand publishing for most titles in 2003.
Waterloo poet Norman Jope will be published by Shearsman in the near future.

Smokestack Books
'Smokestack champions poets who are unconventional, unfashionable, radical or left-field and who are working a long way from the metropolitan centres of cultural authority. Smokestack is interested in the World as well as the Word.'
Just published (February 2010): Keir Hardie Street by Waterloo poet Alan Morrison

Tall Lighthouse
An independent poetry business publishing full collections, pamphlets, chapbooks and anthologies of poetry.




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