Waterloo Press

Helen Oswald
The Dark Skies Society

ISBN 1-902731-22-0

Prize-winning poet Helen Oswald has received commendations in both the Arvon International and National Poetry Competitions, as well as winning the Blue Nose Poets-of-the-year Competition.

Some of these poems formed part of a collection which won second place in the Hollis Summers Poetry  Prize, Ohio University Press.

She lives in Brighton and works for the trade union Unison.

Helen Oswald's poems are edgy but delicate. Her overdue collection displays wit and warmth, yet she enters difficult areas where her empathy and understatement are displayed to powerful use
Roddy Lumsden

People are at the heart of Helen Oswald's wise and humane poems. With skill and delicacy she explores the complex web of relationships which define our place in the world. The book is shot through with images of connection and separation as people travel to and with and from each other. There are moving poems of loss but these are tempered by poems which celebrate the possibility of intimacy. In all the work there is an unsentimental yet tender fascination with our 'second-hand planet' and how we make our lives on it
Esther Morgan

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